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2021 Girls Ice Hockey
R.I. Girls Hockey Coaches Association All Division


Emma Division
First Team
F – Samantha Marsh, La Salle
F – Patrice Dafonte, La Salle
F – Jenna Stevens, La Salle
F – Marissa Levreault, East Bay
F – Adora Perry, South County
F – Victoria Gauvin, South County
F – Jade Shabo, South County
F – Kristen Briggs, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
F – Allie Trimble, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
D – Arianna Rodi, La Salle
G – Veronica Sabatino, South County

Second Team
F – Sofia Calabro, La Salle
F – Kendall Brown, La Salle
F – Avery Moriarty, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
F – Peyton Whittet, East Bay
F – Lucia Krekorian, South County
F – Michaela Bucci, South County
F – Julianna Bucci, South County
D – Mallory Cox, East Bay
D – Carina Cardi, La Salle
D – Elizabeth Walsh, La Salle
D – Megan Cairns, South County
D – Katie Potter, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
G – Paige Almon, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View

Third Team
F – Taylor DeFreitas, East Bay
F – Brigid Carlin, East Bay
F – Amelie Gregoire, South County
F – Isabelle Besser, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
D – Adrianna Dooley, La Salle
D – Sam Yee, East Bay
D – Layla Rappleye, East Bay
D – Katja Keegan, South County
D – Kayley Thibodeau, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
G – Sara Turillo, East Bay

Honorable Mention
F – Aimee Rego, La Salle
F – Hannah Pezzelli, La Salle
F – Mia Phelps, East Bay
F – Josie Dinonsie, South County
F – Ginger Osgood, South County
F – Emily Allard, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
F – Erin Gingell, Burrillville/Ponaganset/Bay View
D – Alex Phelps, East Bay

DeCosta Division
First Team
F – Leah Laquerre, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
F – Mia Stilley, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
F – Mia Schenenga, Cranston Co-Op
D – Lauren Falls, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
D – Ella Centracchio, Warwick Co-Op
D – Katherine Canning, Warwick Co-Op
D – Mary Kelley, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
D – Brooke Forget, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
G – Grace Davenport, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln

Second Team
F – Riley Trudeau, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
F – Alyssa DiMaria, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
F – Rose Caliri, Cranston Co-Op
F – Jillian Walsh, Warwick Co-Op
D – Quinn Faria, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
D – Lyric Watts, Cranston Co-Op
D – Alexia Vercauteren, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
D – Olivia Monte, Warwick Co-Op
Goalie – Hailey Davis, Cranston Co-Op

Third Team
F – Mia Mollicone, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
F – Ava Pomposelli, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
F – Davin Phinney, Cranston Co-Op
F – Faith Kennedy, Warwick Co-Op
F – Elizabeth Cavanagh, Warwick Co-Op
D – Ireleigh Bucci, Cranston Co-Op
D – Olivia Santurri, Cranston Co-Op
D – Hope Flaherty, Warwick Co-Op
G – Kylie Whelan, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown Co-Op

Honorable Mention
F – Allison Murphy, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
F – Hannah Murphy, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
F – Ava Gallonio, Cranston Co-Op
F – Mikayla Boyd, Warwick Co-Op
D – Sophia Ziniti, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln
D – Kristi Georgantis, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown
D – Aliya Fratantuono, Cranston Co-Op
G – Allison Rodrigues, Warwick Co-Op



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