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Football Thanksgiving Results


Barrington vs. Mt. Hope

Burrillville vs. Ponaganset

Central vs. Mt. Pleasant

Central Falls/Blackston Valley/Achievement First Providence Co-op vs. Lincoln

Chariho vs. East Greenwich

Classical vs. Hope

Coventry vs. West Warwick

Cranston East vs. Cranston West

Cumberland vs. Woonsocket

Davies vs. Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op

East Providence vs. La Salle

Exeter/West Greenwich/Prout Co-op vs. Narragansett

Middletown vs. Portsmouth

Moses Brown vs. St. Raphael

North Kingstown vs. South Kingstown

North Providence vs. Smithfield

North Smithfield vs. Scituate

Pilgrim vs. Toll Gate

Rogers vs. Tiverton

Shea vs. Tolman

Westerly vs. Stonington



Aldrich vs. Gorton

Aldrich vs. Lockwood

Barrington vs. Bristol

Burrillville vs. West Warwick

Burrillville vs. Woonsocket

Central vs. Hope

Central Falls vs. Hope

Central Falls vs. Johnston

Central Falls vs. Pawtucket

Central Falls vs. Tiverton

Central Falls vs. Uxbridge

Chariho vs. Exeter/West Greenwich

Chariho vs. Narragansett

Classical vs. Mt. Pleasant

Cranston vs. Mt. Pleasant

Cranston East vs. Warwick Vets

Cranston West vs. North Providence

De La Salle vs. Rogers

East Greenwich vs. Exeter/West Greenwich

East Greenwich vs. Lockwood

East Greenwich vs. Narragansett

East Greenwich vs. North Kingstown

East Greenwich vs. Rogers

East Providence vs. Pawtucket

Hendricken vs. Toll Gate

Hope vs. La Salle

Hope vs. North Smithfield

Hope vs. Rogers

Johnston vs. Lincoln

Johnston vs. Mt. Pleasant

Johnston vs. Pilgrim

Johnston vs. Rogers

Johnston vs. St. Raphael

Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op vs. Scituate

La Salle vs. Pawtucket

Lincoln vs. North Smithfield

Lincoln vs. Shea

Lockwood vs. West Warwick

Mt. Pleasant vs. West Warwick

Mount St. Charles vs. Woonsocket

Narragansett vs. South Kingstown

North Kingstown vs. Rogers

North Smithfield vs. Bellingham

North Smithfield vs. Uxbridge

Pawtucket West vs. Woonsocket

Pilgrim vs. Warwick Vets

Ponaganset vs. Scituate

Rogers vs. St. Raphael

St. Raphael vs. Bishop Feehan

St. Raphael vs. Tolman

Tiverton vs. Warren

Warwick vs. West Warwick


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List of Rivalries Each Current RIIL Football Team Has Had Through The Years



1. Barrington: Bristol 1934-1992, Mt. Hope 1993-present

2. Burrillville: West Warwick 1938-??, Woonsocket 1954-1963, Ponaganset 1986-present

3. Central: Hope ??-1954, 2006-2015, Mt. Pleasant 2019-present

4. Central Falls/Blackstone Valley/Achievement First Providence Co-op:

As Central Falls: Pawtucket ??-?? (1912, 1924 known) Uxbridge (MA) 1976-1977, Johnston 1979-1986, Hope 1987-1992, Tiverton 1993-2009, Lincoln 2010-present

5. Chariho: Exeter/West Greenwich 1996-2013, Narragansett 2014-2017, East Greenwich 2018-present

6. Classical: Mt. Pleasant 1984-2018, Hope 2019-present

7. Coventry: West Warwick 1948-1952, 1965-present

8. Cranston East: Mt. Pleasant 1938-1954, Warwick Vets 1955-1962, Mt. Pleasant 1963-1972, Cranston West 1973-present

9. Cranston West: North Providence 1964-1969, Cranston East 1973-present

10. Cumberland: Woonsocket 1964-present

11. Davies: Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op 2021-present

12. East Greenwich: Lockwood 1949-1952, North Kingstown 1958-1970, 1980-1984, Rogers 1985-1986, North Kingstown 1987-1999, Narragansett 2000-2013, Exeter/West Greenwich 2014-2017, Chariho 2018-present

13. East Providence: Pawtucket ??-?? (1918 known), La Salle 1929-present

14. Exeter/West Greenwich/Prout Co-op:

As Exeter/West Greenwich: Chariho 1996-2013, East Greenwich 2014-2017

As Exeter/West Greenwich/Prout Co-op: Narragansett 2018-present

15. Hendricken: Toll Gate 1972-2015

16. Hope: La Salle ??-?? (1920 known) Central ??-1954, Central Falls 1987-1992, North Smithfield 1998-2001, Rogers 2005, Central 2006-2015, Classical 2019-present

17. Johnston: Mt. Pleasant 1973-1977, Central Falls 1979-1986, Rogers 1987-2004, Lincoln 2005-2009, St. Raphael 2010-2011, Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op 2016-2018, Pilgrim 2021

18. Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op: Scituate 2015, Johnston 2016-2018, Davies 2021-present

19. La Salle: Hope ??-?? (1920 known) Pawtucket ??-?? (1923 known) , East Providence 1929-present

20. Lincoln: Shea 1968-2001, North Smithfield 2002-2004, Johnston 2005-2009, Central Falls 2010-present

21. Middletown: Portsmouth 1965-present

22. Mt. Hope: Barrington 1993-present

23. Mt. Pleasant: Cranston 1938-1954, West Warwick 1955-1960, Cranston East 1963-1972, Johnston 1973-1977, Classical 1984-2018, Central 2019-present

24. Moses Brown: St. Rphael 2012-present

25. Narragansett: South Kingstown 1975-1999, East Greenwich 2000-2013, Chariho 2014-2017, Exeter/West Greenwich/Prout Co-op 2018-present

26. North Kingstown: South Kingstown 1946-1954, East Greenwich 1958-1970, Rogers 1971-1977, East Greenwich 1980-1984, 1987-1999, South Kingstown 2000-present

27. North Providence: Cranston West 1964-1969, Smithfield 1970-present

28. North Smithfield/Mount Saint Charles Co-op:

As Mount Saint Charles: Woonsocket 1933-1950

As North Smithfield: Bellingham (MA) 1977, Uxbridge (MA) 1979-1997, Hope 1998-2001, Lincoln 2002-2004, Scituate 2006-present

29. Pilgrim: Warwick Vets 1963-2015, Toll Gate 2016-2019, Johnston 2021, Toll Gate 2022-present

30. Ponaganset: Scituate 1961-1985, Burrillville 1986-present

31. Portsmouth: Portsmouth 1965-present

32. Rogers: De La Salle ??-1970, North Kingstown 1971-1977, East Greenwich 1985-1986, Johnston 1987-2004, Hope 2005, St. Raphael 2006-2009, Tiverton 2010-present

33. St. Raphael: Tolman 1929-2001, Bishop Feehan 2002-2005, Rogers 2006-2009, Johnston 2010-2011, Moses Brown 2012-present

34. Scituate: North Smithfield 2006-2014, Juanita Sanchez/Providence Country Day/Wheeler Co-op 2015, North Smithfield/Mount Saint Charles Co-op 2006-present (2016 first year for Mount Saint Charles)

35. Shea: Woonsocket 1952, Lincoln 1968-2001, Tolman 2002-present

36. Smithfield: North Providence 1970-present

37. South Kingstown: North Kingstown 1946-1954, Narragansett 1975-1999, North Kingstown 2000-present

38. Tiverton: Warren 1968-1992, Central Falls 1993-2009, Rogers 2010-present

39. Toll Gate: Hendricken 1972-2015, Pilgrim 2016-present

40. Tolman: East Providence ??-?? (1918 known), La Salle ??-?? (1923 known) Central Falls ??-?? (1912, 1924 known), St. Raphael 1929-2001, Shea 2002-present

41. Warwick Vets: Cranston 1955-1962, Pilgrim 1963-present

42. West Warwick: Warwick ??-?? (1922 known), Burrillville 1938-??, Coventry 1948-1952, Lockwood 1953-1954, Mt. Pleasant 1955-1960, Coventry 1965-present

43. Westerly: Stonington (CT) 1913-present

44. Woonsocket: Mount St. Charles 1933-1950, Pawtucket West 1952, Burrillville 1954-1963, Cumberland 1964-present

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