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2013 Girls Lacrosse
R.I. Girls Lacrosse Coaches Association All League & All Division


Division I
Chloe Andrews, Cumberland
Kelly Dolan, Barrington
Devyne Doran, Prout
Finley Kincaid, North Kingstown
Marielle Kraft, East Greenwich
Hannah Langmuir, Moses Brown
Michaela Lawler, South Kingstown
Kendall McCartney, La Salle
Devan Miller, Bay View
Lexee Pinsky, Moses Brown
Madeline Soutter, Barrington
Katherine Clancy, Barrington

Division II
Emily Almonte, Lincoln School
Serena Balon, Lincoln
Larson Bennett, Lincoln School
Sarah Bertsch, Middletown
Emily Bitton, Cranston East
Maddy Blackburn, Portsmouth
Julia Harrigan, Portsmouth
Caroline Lema, Cranston East
MaKenzie Marshall, Mt. Hope
Maggie McNamara, Lincoln School
Jacqueline Wilson, Tiverton
Alasondra Apici, Classical

Division III
Lilliana Forti, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Michaela Giuttari, Pilgrim
Alexandra Goralski, Mt. St. Charles
Haley McCusker, Pilgrim
Brooke McGreen, Narragansett
Caroline McNamara, North Providence
Haley Nix, Westerly
Lydia Sibley, Scituate
Molly Smith, Smithfield
Eileen Sullivan, Narragansett
Meaghan Walsh, Mt. St. Charles
Kaitlin Dolloff, Chariho

Division I-North
First Team
Madeline Andrews, Cumberland
Lily Broomhead, Barrington
Meghan Buonanno, Moses Brown
Mary Kate Coogan, Barrington
Leah Falk, Moses Brown
J. Molly Kelly, La Salle
Cameron MacDonald, Barrington
Rachel Padilla, La Salle
Raquel Pederzani, Bay View
Lindsay Sheehan, Cumberland
Emily Sousa, Bay View
Mackenzie Duffy, La Salle

Second Team
Lily Ardente, Moses Brown
Beatrice Bramhall, Barrington
Taylor Coffey, Bay View
Arianna Coutu, Cumberland
Elizabeth Dolan, Barrington
Audrey Falk, Moses Brown
Evelyn Jansen, La Salle
Alexandra LaMotte, Barrington
Olivia McCahan, Moses Brown
Sarah Migliori, LaSalle
Margaret Pressler, LaSalle
Keighan Richardson, Moses Brown
Kaycee Asquith, Bay View

Division I-South
First Team
Taryn Alexander, North Kingstown
Roxanne Comito, East Greenwich
Shannah Crowell, North Kingstown
Carolyn Cruise, East Greenwich
Abby Lyons, Prout
Casey McGowan, Prout
Taylor Nonnenmacher, North Kingstown
Mackenzie Ormiston, South Kingstown
Sarah Shoer, East Greenwich
Sara Stone, South Kingstown
Abbey Torres, Cranston West
Kelsey Porter, North Kingstown

Second Team
Sarah Beaulieu, East Greenwich
Kelsey Friedmann, North Kingstown
Margaret Kimball, South Kingstown
Courtney Lambrese, Cranston West
Kate McCormack, Prout
Ryan McGowan, Prout
Alexandra Poirier, North Kingstown
Carly Sheehan, South Kingstown
Kathleen Swanson, East Greenwich
Rachel Thomas, Prout
Jodie Wadovick, North Kingstown
Claire Griffin, Prout

Division II-Central
First Team
Jean Bray, Lincoln
Lauren Carroll, Classical
Ani Comella, Lincoln School
McKenzie Finigan, Classical
Jenna Fontaine, Warwick Vets
Serena Mainiero, Lincoln School
Hannah Meharg, Cranston East
Hannah Spalding, Lincoln School
Amanda Way, Cranston East
Nina Fournier, Lincoln
Katelen Pick, Warwick Vets
Olivia Tagliaferri, Cranston East

Second Team
Lauren Almonte, Warwick Vets
Ricki Beaufort, Warwick Vets
Casey Bennett, Warwick Vets
Annie Clarkin, Cranston East
Gianna D’Amico, Classical
Hanna Finigan, Classical
Erin Gannon, Lincoln
Jacquelyn Gomes, Classical
Adrianna Pagano, Cranston East
Jen Schwechheimer, Lincoln School
Avery Yang, Lincoln
Emma Tesler, Lincoln School

Division II-East
First Team
Maya Bergandy, Tiverton
Olivia Bergandy, Tiverton
Rose Blackburn, Portsmouth
Erica Dias, East Providence
Amanda Dible, Middletown
Logan Fontes, East Providence
Caroline Fraser, Portsmouth
Alexandra Hill, Mt. Hope
Zoe Mazzulli, Middletown
Amelia McHugh, Portsmouth
Alyssa Raposo, Mt. Hope
Samantha Welchman, Tiverton

Second Team
Katelyn Caraveo, Tiverton
Elise Daglis, Tiverton
Hannah Hitte, East Providence
Sundrene Kennedy, Middletown
Alivia Mairs, Portsmouth
Kellsie Mitchell, Mt. Hope
Emma Pattie, Mt. Hope
Hannah Taylor, Portsmouth
Samantha Travassos, East Providence
Elizabeth Wauters, Middletown
Colby Kestler, Middletown
Alexandra Threadgill, Mt. Hope

Division III-North
First Team
Shaina Bauersachs, Mt. St. Charles
Brittney Bebeau, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Michaela Benoit, Smithfield
Olivia Capraro, North Providence
Julia Carlock, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Hannah David, North Providence
Fallon Greene, Smithfield
Meghan Hill, Scituate
Jordan McComb, Mt. St. Charles
Jordin Pino, Scituate
Haley Shaw, Smithfield
Rachel Leclaire, Mt. St. Charles

Second Team
Tiara Bianco, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Sondra Bouchard, Smithfield
Emily Cardon, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Lauren Caruso, Mt. St. Charles
Taylor Duquette, Burrillville/North Smithfield
Elise Flanagan, Smithfield
Liza Minisci, North Providence
Kelly O’Neill, Mt. St. Charles
Nadia Sedgley, Scituate
Rebecca Sprague, Scituate
Natalia Tamayo, Scituate
Isis VanPutten, Burrillville/North Smithfield

Division III-South
First Team
Erica Andronowitz, Narragansett
Hannah Baker, Chariho
Michaela Carrier, Chariho
Lucy Garvey, Westerly
Betsy Heidel, Pilgrim
Britney Howland, Pilgrim
Chandler Lemay, Narragansett
Amibeth Marks, Pilgrim
Mattie Russell, Chariho
Marrissa Scavello, Westerly
Eliza Woodman, Westerly
Ceili O’Connell, Narragansett

Second Team
Jenna Brierly, Chariho
Eliza DeCubellis, Narragansett
Jenna Flynn, Chariho
Victoria McGreen, Narragansett
Julianna Mollo, Pilgrim
Paige Pajarillo, Chariho
Margaret Rohdin, Westerly
Emily Sullivan, Westerly
Jessica Trautman, Narraganset
Kelly Vatter, Pilgrim
Maura Wierzbicki, Westerly
Kayleen Murphy, Pilgrim


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