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Division I-A
First Team
Brandyn Durand, Hendricken
Jared Munoz, Hendricken
Ryan Thompson, Hendricken
Ken Rix, Pilgrim
DJ Sollitto, Pilgrim
TJ Gormley, North Kingstown
Josh Lincourt-Brown, North Kingstown
Daniel Fish, Lincoln
Elijah Moffat, Lincoln
Alex Medeiros, Tolman

Second Team
Alex Marot, Hendricken
Xavier Quezada, Hendricken
Danny Rice, Hendricken
Sean Gallagher, Pilgrim
Chase Pariseau, Pilgrim
Camden Nadeau, Pilgrim
Lonnie Santiago, Tolman
Evan Maloney, North Kingstown
Braeden Perry, North Kingstown
Jake Foster, Lincoln

Division I-B
First Team
Scott Cromack, South Kingstown
Andrew Mosher, South Kingstown
Trey Young, South Kingstown
Anderson De Los Santos, Central
Richard Segura, Central
Robert Lincoln, East Providence
Andrew Mongeon, East Providence
Liam Flynn, Chariho
Liam Goldstein, Chariho
Cee Jay Laquerre Mount St. Charles

Second Team
Conor Kelly, South Kingstown
Colin Masseur, South Kingstown
Jack Wentworth, South Kingstown
Avery Acuna, Central
Adonis Medina, Central
Jose Sierra, Central
Elijah Barber, East Providence
Jack McKnight, East Providence
Austin DeAngelis, Chariho
Brendan Donahue, Mount St. Charles

Division I-C
First Team
Matt Bellavoine, Smithfield
Jordan Golato, Smithfield
Joe Pittrone III, Smithfield
Jared Vadeboncoeur, Coventry
Devyn Vezina, Coventry
Michael Clapprod, Cumberland
Jackson Walsh, Cumberland
Anthony Fernandez, Cranston East
Matthew Winn, Cranston East
Kevin Masse, Moses Brown

Second Team
Matt Antunes, Smithfield
John Golato, Smithfield
Bradyn Shadoian, Smithfield
Jason Serapiglia, Coventry
Jake Mather, Coventry
William Turner, Coventry
Cameron Harthan, Cumberland
Alec Lavallee, Cumberland
Devante Viveiros, Cranston East
Davis Johnson, Moses Brown

Division I-D
First Team
Connor Freitas, Portsmouth
Timothy McGuire, Portsmouth
Will Pierce, Portsmouth
Kyle Bourque, LaSalle
Jack Gannon, LaSalle
Tyler Amore, Toll Gate
Dylan Aunchman, Toll Gate
Jason Patalano, Cranston West
Jake San Antonio, Cranston West
Lucas Pierce, Ponaganset

Second Team
Christopher Bulk, Portsmouth
Dryden Eliason, Portsmouth
John Mass, Portsmouth
Jacob Gaudreau, LaSalle
Roger Marano, LaSalle
Marcus Rodrigues, LaSalle
Devin Farrell, Toll Gate
Greyson Pasquina, Toll Gate
Caleb Harris, Cranston West
Colby Kuzman, Cranston West
Luke Barden, Ponaganset

Division II-A
First Team
Chad Coppola, East Greenwich
Jack McMullen, East Greenwich
Dan Prior, East Greenwich
Pierce Clare, Middletown
Caleb Leys, Middletown
Ben Nelson, Middletown
Ben Force, St. Raphael
Nolan Potter, St. Raphael
Caiden Ibbotson, Tiverton
Devan Pieroni, Tiverton
Jaden Violette, Woonsocket

Second Team
Robert Brooks, East Greenwich
Josh Land, East Greenwich
Michael Ucci, East Greenwich
Patrick Andrade, Middletown
Kenny Firlings, Middletown
Matt Williams, Middletown
Taylor Gaspar, St. Raphael
Jon Quinn, St. Raphael
Jason Potvin, Tiverton
Andreas Lopez, Woonsocket

Division II-B
First Team
Edwin Connelly, Rogers
Gavin Crowley, Rogers
Michael Weaver, Rogers
Bennett Durkin, Barrington
Jack Kriz, Barrington
George Promades, Barrington
Greg Gorman, Westerly
Dean Pons Jr,, Westerly
Michael Bogosian, Prout
Kieran Gibson, Prout
Max Deluca, Classical

Second Team
Matt Fraticelli-Cook, Rogers
Luc Lavigueur, Rogers
Liam Marvelle, Rogers
Aaron Brady, Barrington
Harry Turner, Barrington
Ned Shapiro, Barrington
Zach Beckler, Westerly
Drew Bozek, Westerly
Matt Pari, Prout
Tyler Lee, Classical
Division II-C First Team
Carlo Acquisto, Burrillville
Jack Bergin, Burrillville
Kyle Bousquet, Burrillville
Aiden Kielty, Narragansett
Jacob Koble, Narragansett
Sam Laurie, Narragansett
Ben Deangelis, Scituate
Dan Prtyzenski, Scituate
Christian Almagno, North Providence
Nick Rioles, North Providence
Raomar Alberto, Mt. Pleasant

Second Team
Ben DiChiaro, Burrillville
Mason Doucette, Burrillville
Josh Simpson, Burrillville
Brady Butler, Narragansett
Owen Costa, Narragansett
Andrew DiBiasio, Narragansett
Thomas Dichiaro, Scituate
Domenic Petracca, Scituate
Jayden Tolentino, North Providence
Noah Frezza, North Providence
Juan Starlyn Sabino, Mt. Pleasant

Division II-D
First Team
AJ Jones, Mt. Hope
Ryan Nappi, Mt. Hope
Jack Standish, Mt. Hope
Dante Ricci, Johnston
Jeremy Urena, Johnston
Calvin Battersby, West Warwick
Kyle DaSilva, West Warwick
David Doherty, North Smithfield
Ethan Harnois, North Smithfield
Christian Laureano, Juanita Sanchez

Second Team
Matt Bracket, Mt. Hope
Cam Connor, Mt. Hope
Ethan Leary, Mt. Hope
Ryan Allen, Johnston
Justin Salvatore, Johnston
Joseph Vento, Johnston
Sammy Corrado, West Warwick
Will Cornicelli, West Warwick
Cole Skinner, North Smithfield
Angel Rodriguez, Juanita Sanchez

Division III-A
First Team
Nick Avalos, Wheeler
Jacob Favlise, Wheeler
Grayson Spear, Wheeler
Jadin Cornelio, Blackstone Valley Prep
Chris Rodriguez, Blackstone Valley Prep
Carlos Santos, Times2
Elvis Santos, Times2
Jayden Acosta, Shea
Natanael Gonzalez-Ortiz, Shea

Second Team
Amand Heintz, Wheeler
Will Singer, Wheeler
Julian Aceituno, Blackstone Valley Prep
Devin Casson, Blackstone Valley Prep
Aexis Catalan, Blackstone Valley Prep
Samuel Belboder, Times2
Kelvin Santos, Times2
Carlos Lara Carmona, Shea
Cameron Seaver, Shea

Division III-B
First Team
Ruben Ogando, Hope
Livio Rodriguez, Hope
Abraham Ventura, Hope
Josh Capwell, Exeter/West Greenwich
Nate Ricci, Exeter/West Greenwich
Jase Deanseris, Davies
Robby Spardello, Davies
Nick Phillips, Block Island
Cole McGinnes, Block Island

Second Team
Jose Corporan, Hope
Eddison Ramos, Hope
Victor Suarez, Hope
Nick Ferrante, Exeter/West Greenwich
Aidan Hartell, Exeter/West Greenwich
Pat Galloway, Exeter/West Greenwich
David Laquale, Davies
Nick Rossi, Davies
Sam Stockman, Block Island

Divisional Players of the Year
Division I - Tim McGuire, Portsmouth
Division II - Ryan Andrade, Middletown
Division III - Ruben Ogando, Hope

Division I-A
MVP - Jared Munoz, Hendricken
Cy Young - Jared Reminder, Pilgrim
Golden Glove - TJ Gormley, North Kingstown

Division I-B
MVP - Zac Zyons, South Kingstown
Cy Young - Owen Caldwell, South Kingstown
Golden Glove - Liam Goldstein, Chariho

Division I-C
MVP - Jayden Voelker, Coventry
Cy Young - Matt Bellavoine, Smithfield
Golden Glove - Marc DiSalvo, Cumberland & Jordan Golato, Smithfield

Division I-D
MVP - Tim McGuire, Portsmouth
Cy Young - Will Pierce, Portsmouth
Golden Glove - Dylan Aunchman, Toll Gate & Chris Bulk, Portsmouth

Division II-A
MVP - Dan Prior, East Greenwich
Cy Young - Ryan Andrade, Middletown
Golden Glove - Taylor Gaspar, St. Raphael

Division II-B
MVP - Kieran Gibson, Prout & Greg Gorman, Westerly
Cy Young - Luc Lavigueur, Rogers
Golden Glove - Jack Kriz, Barrington

Division II-C
MVP - Dean Ayotte, Burrillville
Cy Young - Jacob Koble, Narragansett
Golden Glove - Christian Almagno, North Providence

Division II-D
MVP - Ryan Nappi, Mt. Hope
Cy Young - AJ Jones, Mt. Hope
Golden Glove - Jeremy Urena, Johnston

Division III-A
MVP - Carlos Santos, Times2
Cy Young - Will Singer, Wheeler
Golden Glove - Nick Avalos, Wheeler

Division III-B
MVP - Ruben Ogando, Hope
Cy Young - Livio Rodriguez, Hope & Josh Savin, Exeter/West Greenwich
Golden Glove - Jose Corporan, Hope



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